Friday, August 18, 2017


My last post for #widomsumvac for this year. Classes begin on Monday the same day of the eclipse. We should be 80% totality in Baton Rouge so I have Sunday to make a pinhole camera for the class!

Alice can be bribed!

View from my apartment.

Baby somethings.

Back in the formula lounge.

This does not compute!

The things I must suffer for work.

The return of Bob!

What if?

Alexi is in a Thai Restaurant.

No idea.

Fit to be Thaied.

A must for quantum theory discussions.
Dr. Keith Motes, left, is a former LSU undergrad!

Sir Michael Berry.

The group meeting was moving.

Microwave photons destroy nutrients.
Thermal photons do not?


Zixin attempts to remove ice cubes.

Lynn takes an accusatory pose.

How many things can we do with a Chinese quantum satellite?