Friday, June 20, 2014

Scalable boson-sampling with time-bin encoding using a loop-based architecture

Keith R. Motes, Alexei Gilchrist, Jonathan P. Dowling, Peter P. Rohde

We present an architecture for arbitrarily scalable boson-sampling using two nested fiber loops. The architecture has fixed experimental complexity, irrespective of the size of the desired interferometer, whose scale is limited only by fiber and switch loss rates. The architecture employs time-bin encoding, whereby the incident photons form a pulse train, which enters the loops. Dynamically controlled loop coupling ratios allow the construction of the arbitrary linear optics interferometers required for boson-sampling. The architecture employs only a single point of interference and may thus be easier to stabilize than other approaches. The scheme has polynomial complexity and could be realized using demonstrated present-day technologies.

See: arXiv:1403.4007

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