Friday, June 23, 2017


My last day at QICT@NICT! A couple of new traditions this year. Thursday night do-it-yourself Korean-style BBQ dinner and Friday sushi lunch to welcome all the visitors. Final meeting with Kouichi Semba, Masahiro Takeoka, and Masahide Sasake with my students Haoyu Qi and Zhihao Xiao in about an hour to iron out the theory of a superconducting qubit strongly coupled to the quantum photon field in a microwave cavity. 

Dr. Semba's team is vigorously working on the experiments and we're happy to help with the theory. 

Semba-san's superconducting qubit
in the the super-duper ultra-strong coupling regime.

Haoyu and Masahiro are making great progress on a squeezing assisted quantum cryptography scheme. More photos of writing on the white board, the Korean BBQ, and sushi lunch!

Then tomorrow I catch my 10AM flight from Tokyo back home: NRT-DFW-BTR! Apparently I escaped running into tropical storm Cindy on the way back. 

Me making mistakes.

Haoyu fixing my mistakes!

Traditional photo of me in front of some random piece of equipment:
In this case the free-space laser communication system.
Traditional Japanese-style Korean BBQ.
I'm doing my Popeye imitation.

"To past, present, and future collaborations!" 
LSU PhD student Haoyu Qi gives his speech.

LSU PhD student Zhihao Xiao gives his.

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