Friday, June 2, 2017


Wonderful discussions and new physics ideas at OIST. Friday I had a chance to hear from the theory students in the group of Thomas Busch! Many experimental puzzles, many theoretical solutions, and all is very exciting. I look forward to return for two weeks in April!

Group photo of the AMO experimentalists and friends.

The aftermath.

Who invented the pushme-pullyou trap?

Finally. Theorists!

Theory selfie.

Sasha has too many levels.

Kind of a Hibachi place.

Tritium, center, is radioactive.

They don't throw the food at you.

Thomas appears surpised.

Sile seems dubious.

A minute later it grabbed my face and implanted me with an alien.

Okay. Who left torpedos in the parking lot again.

Vanilla Air is very Plane.

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