Thursday, May 25, 2017


We are coming into the home stretch and have at least two theory papers in the works with our collaborators for USTC as co-authors. One Physical Review A article on quantum metrology has been resubmitted. One Physical Review Letters article we are discussing the response to the referees. 

Responding to the referees.
Tomorrow is my last day and we'll hammer out a game plan for modelling the USTC boson-sampling experiment. Collaborations between Louisiana State University, NYU Shanghai, and the University of Science and Technology of China are underway! Alas I depart 4:10PM SAT27MAY Shanghai time for my 20 hour flight to Baton Rouge via Dallas. I arrive at the DFW airport at 4:45PM SAT27MAY — only 35 minutes after I took off! Gotta love that International Dateline! Then I get about 24 hours rest before I board my flight 9:03AM MON29MAY in Baton Rouge to begin my 24-hour flight to Okinawa!

A recap in photos of yesterday and today where I have commandeered the camera to show we actually work all day!

I knight you Sir
José Eduardo Cejudo Grano de Oro
The Qubit Cowboy!
(El Caballero Qubit!)
Don't Panic. Carry on.
Tim and USTC PhD student Zuen Su.

The pointer is mightier than the pen!

At the other Middle Eastern Restaurant — Shally Lally!

"It's not a REAL party until somebody starts talking about delta functions?"

LSU-USTC-NYU collaboration!
More traditional fold dancing to the music of Shakira.
(The hips may lie?)
A boy named Su!
Chenglong is happy to be back in his home country!

"No! No! No! I'm NOT marrying the HACKER!" --- Eric Song

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