Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I have begun to realize most of my photos show us eating and drinking and don’t provide any evidence that I’m even here. The problem is that during chaos time I’m always talking and thinking and forgetting to take any photos.
Me — too busy thinking.

Since my LSU PhD student, Chenglong You, says I take terrible photos, and he is always talking without thinking, I have nominated him the official photographer for the Shanghai leg of my blog.

And Chenglong says I take a bad photo?

Sushovit smug shot. 

 Who takes a bad picture?

So today I have some more photos! As usual we met for Chaos time at 1:30PM after lunch and worked until 6PM then took Naeime Moshseni, my Iranian co-PhD student, to the local halal restaurant and had lots of lamb and other fantastic things while we watched traditional folk dances from the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

 Tim's postdoc Chandra and his daughter, Manasvi, and wife, Ramya, at lunch.

During chaos time we discussed endlessly Einstein’s synchronization protocol (ESP) for clocks and then Tim’s research associate, Chenyu Zhang, told us all about her latest work on quantum teleportation (with a twist) — a collaboration with the laboratory of the famous Prof. Jeff Ou — of Hong-Ou-Mandel fame — at East China Normal University.

On a clear day you can see downtown Shanghai.

A handmade box filled with goodies given to my by my Co-PhD student Naeime Mohseni.

 Tim Byrnes and me arguing endlessly again.

 Is it fun to stand in front of a whiteboard for hours arguing physics? You bet!

You can't tell a porter anything.

NYU Freshman orientation?

At the halal restaurant.

Thursday (tomorrow) Naeime will present all her recent work on atomtronic theory with ions.

Stay tuned!