Wednesday, May 31, 2017


After the somewhat grueling 24-hour flight from Baton Rouge to Okinawa, I arrived late Tuesday night local time. Given that I had just spent two weeks in Shanghai, which is only an hour different than here, I'm not jet lagged! Having missed dinner all together Tuesday evening, I raced down to the OIST cafeteria for breakfast Wednesday morning, which consisted of three slices of pizza, a boiled egg, a glass of orange juice, and a double-shot latte. I may not be regular again until the next Clinton administration.

At 9AM sharp Prof. Síle Nic Chormaic's postdoc, Dr. Jinjin Du, gave us a short tour of the local part of the island and then we had lab tours and discussions from 11AM until about 12:30PM, another break for pizza and coffee, and then back for more discussion on the transfer of higher-order modes of light through fibers to couple nonlinearly with neutral atoms — does LSU have a theory for that!

The Prof. Irina Novikova, my long-time collaborator gave the experimental version of our collaboration in a nice seminar on the generation of multimode squeezed light in rubidium vapor. 

I will give the theory version of our collaboration tomorrow in a not so nice seminar. Next Síle (pronounced "Shelia" will be taking us out for local cuisine — Italian / Spanish / French food with local ingredients. Then tomorrow we do it all over again! 

My lovely little cottage on a cliff.

View from my back porch.
What have you done with my pet bottle, Cecil!?

A used TOKAMAK that doubles as a tunnel?
Eggxactly what the doctor ordered?
OIST on approach.

OIST koi pond.

Left to right: Alexandre Akoulchine, Irina Novikova, JinJin Du.
"You can't take a photo of a hole — it is an absence of matter!"
A relic from 1947?

I can't define a photon, but I know one when I see one.

Laser-cooled Rubidium atoms interact with an optical fiber.

OIST PhD Student, Thomas Nieddu, explains why it is all very "cool".

Irina regales us with tales of experiments for multimode squeezed light

View from my office.

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