Saturday, May 27, 2017


It's Saturday afternoon in Shanghai and my flight to Dallas boards in an hour. Only 12 hours it looks. Great excitement and fun and research with Tim Byrnes at NYU Shanghai. Here is our farewell shot. 

We celebrate with sparkling grape juice!

When I arrived on Monday we made a to-do list and then when we pulled it up on Friday we could tick off many things, delete many things, and add new things. All in all in this two-week period we have either submitted or resubmitted or nearly submitted five refereed publications. Two per day!

Here are some parting shots of the NYU gang. 

Dr. Chandrasekar apparently has no limits.


The Qubit Caballero discovers inside is sticky rice filled with either sweet red-bean paste or savory meat paste.
It's Schrödinger's Dumpling!

Traditional last night dinner at the Wolf Factory.
Lamb shishkabops!

Last elevator ride. But where's Chenyu?

THERE she is!

Home in Baton Rouge for 24 hours then off AM Monday on a 24 hour flight to Okinawa where I'll visit OIST and the group of  fellow Irish person Sile Nic Chormaic (Sheila) along with our long-time collaborator, Irina Novikova at William & Mary College. We will discuss orbital angular momentum states of light interacting with nonlinear optical media! 

OIST! Rhymes with MOIST?
Stay tuned for #WIDOMSUMVAC — OKINAWA: DAY 1!

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